Tuyển Finance Analysis – Code: FA-HH

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Nhu cầu: Tuyển dụng
Chức danh/Vị trí: Giám đốc
Số lượng tuyển: 1
Nơi làm việc: Hà Nội
Mô tả công việc:

Finance Analysis – Code: FA-HH

*Salary: from $1.500 (with big chance to promote to CFO if perform well)
* Experience: from 10 years in the same position.
* Working location: GPO client company - a big international hospital in Dong Da/ Hai Ba Trung districts, Hanoi.
* Only receive application&CV in English

*Job description

·         Provide effective information / analysis related to client finances and new investments for management to review hospital fees policy and business investment options

·         Develop, implement and maintain effective analytical capabilities to provide appropriate analytical tools for setting goals and measuring the performance of business / service activities as required by management direct or director.

·         Management and analysis of financial results of new investment channels, marketing projects as well as effective management of services costs

·         Work with relevant personnel / departments to investigate, synthesize and define business requirements, analyze and recommend and make appropriate improvements / solutions.

·         Provide periodic financial reports and ad hoc reports when required

* Job requirements

·         Finance, accounting, economics, foreign trade, and math university major

·         From 10 years of experience in financial analysis. Work experience in leading international auditing firms or local financial firms is an advantage.

·         Ability to write and use English and Vietnamese well

·         High synthesis ability, sharp and detailed analysis snail

·         Dynamic, resourceful, independent, patient, mature and professional

* Benefit:

·         Attractive salary.

·         Working in a professional international hospital environment

·         Bonuses according to the hospital's policies and business operations

·         Enjoy insurance and other benefits as prescribed

·         Professional, youthful and dynamic working environment

* How to apply:

·         Interested candidates send CV to e-mail [email protected] with e-mail Subject: Name – Year of Birth – Location (for example: Nguyen Hong Phuong – 1985 –FA-HH)

·         Phone: 02471096868.

·         Detail: https://gpo.vn/finance-analysis-code-fa-hh/

Trình độ: Đại học
Kinh nghiệm: Trên 5 năm
Giới tính: Nam/Nữ
Hình thức làm việc: Chính thức
Thời gian thử việc: 02 tháng Mức lương: Thỏa thuận
Địa chỉ: Hanoi
Hình thức liên hệ: Mọi hình thức
Người/Công ty liên hệ: gpo
Điện thoại liên hệ: 02471096868
Nick yahoo liên hệ:
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